Have a Little Faith in 2018

Was there a time in 2017 when you lost your way?

If you are like most people, the past year had some ups and downs. For some, much more downs.

When in the past year did you feel pain, a hardship or struggle you thought would not resolve? Was your back up against the wall and there was no where to turn? Maybe it was financial, relationship, family, health or something else taking a stressful toll which seemed overwhelming.

And yet – some how, some way,  it all turned out OK.

Did you have just a shred of faith it would get better? You may not have consciously been faithful or sure of the outcome, but you weathered the storm and, as if by some miracle, it turned around.

No doubt there will be more ups and downs to come. If you have difficult times in the next year, remembering how you made it through the last one will help keep a peaceful mind knowing this will all work out…maybe even for the better.

3 thoughts on “Have a Little Faith in 2018

  1. Barbara Darnell says:

    I believe this! And with good friends by our side, everything seems just a little bit more manageable.
    Thanks for everything. xo

  2. Yes, so true, Maureen!! Loved what you wrote and the perfect song to go with it!! xoxo

  3. Love this! Yes, we can shift our perspective to one where we see that “All is well.”

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