Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over…it became a butterfly. ~proverb

At a certain time, the caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon called a chrysalis and begins the process of metamorphosis into its next form – a butterfly.  The definition of metamorphosis is a profound change from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism; a complete change of structure, or substance, as transformation by magic or sorcery.

It may look like nothing is going from the outside, but big changes are happening inside that chrysalis. Imago cells that were always present in the caterpillar are growing and reforming into something completely different and beautiful. But first, the caterpillar completely disintegrates. It utterly falls apart from what it had been all along into a pile of goop. The process of rebuilding can take weeks, months…sometimes years. It can only happen according to the caterpillar’s unique timeline, and it’s different for each one. Once the butterfly is formed inside, it needs to break the wall of the chrysalis in order to fly out. Breaking through is not easy. It starts and stops and then starts all over again, until it’s is finally free – gaining strength with each step.

This can be compared, on some level, to the challenges that you go through in your life that seem like they are destroying you, but actually have the potential to transform you into something better than you ever imagined. The difficulties endured during this time can be the greatest catalyst of change for the better…. if you choose it to be.

But first you need to recognize and know some things about yourself. You are not damaged. You are not broken. You are not falling apart. You are not lost. You are not too late for anything. Your life is not passing you by. You are human and you are right where you are supposed to be.

It can be painful to feel the disconnect of where you want to be and what you want to have, versus what is actually happening in your life right now. It can be exhausting to relive unconscious patterns and make wrong choices that continue to cause you distress. It can be frustrating to know who you really are and what you are capable of, but stuck when it comes to brining it out and showing the world.

This can all be changed with effort. Just like the caterpillar, it’s starts with surrendering your fear of breaking down from your old self, trusting the magic and sorcery of something bigger and knowing you will be carried you through to the other side, if you are just willing to let go.

This process is not easy or fast; nothing worthwhile ever is. It is also not without bringing tender emotions to the surface or facing gut-wrenching truths, as well as the hard work of forgiveness.  Transformation fist happens by facing the shadows and darkness and loving yourself in the places that have always needed it the most.  On the other side, however, is freedom from the suffering of staying trapped and the amazing life you deserve.