2021: Intentions Rather than Resolutions

Happy New Year…we made it to 2021! Instead of New Year’s resolutions on what to start and stop doing, here’s some ideas of good intentions to set on how to be, think and feel:

  • Look back at 2020 with gratitude for the hardships, heartbreak and tough times. If we choose to release negativity, those can be our greatest teachers which help us grow into better versions of ourselves
  • Look forward to the new year with unwavering faith, hope and a positive mindset for wonderful things to come
  • Be fully present in every moment with others, or even yourself, and not be distracted by the news, social media and your phone
  • Have a true appreciation for good health: body, mind and spirit
  • Enjoy the little comforts of home and quiet moments
  • Think of putting God first, above all else

Cheers to a new year of possibilities – embrace the journey!